• West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce

  • "Where the City Comes to Play"
  • The West Kerr Chamber of Commerce

    Welcome to West Kerr County where the beautiful hill country beams with sunshine reflecting across the waters of the Guadalupe River and Johnson Creek. 

    The West Kerr County Chamber of Commerce began in 1979 when a group of local merchants and business owners decided to form "The Citizen's Chamber of West Kerr County".  Today, the West Kerr County Chamber has approximately 200 members and is actively involved with merchants and individuals, striving to serve the community as it did before the City of Ingram was incorporated in 1981.


    *     To advance the recretional, cultural and economic interest of West Kerr County.
    *     To encourage unity in the community with Chamber members through montly mixers to 
           network and update on current issues and events.
    *     To engage in non-partisan analysis, study and research to produce results and make 
           available t the public: to further promote tourism and publicity for the area.
    *     To foster goodwill and good relations with neighboring towns through their chambers.